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Our Ellipses designs programs, events and other learning experiences by applying the creative
process to specific human contexts. Discover more about our Learning Services.


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    Welcome to the New Our Ellipses

    Our Ellipses began in 2006 with the purpose of connecting the inspirational experiences I was privileged to learn from and grow with in a variety of fields from art and writing to community development and organizational design.

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    Celebrating National Poetry Month

    National Poetry Month is recognized in the U.S. (since 1996) and Canada (since 1998) during the month of April. This year the Academy of American Poets invites the month-long celebrations to culminate in a New York City tradition known as “poem in your pocket” day – a way of taking poetry to the streets.

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    Our Powerful Questions – Ongoing Research

    I have been impressed and invigorated by the emerging research conducted through Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) and their Campus Religious & Spiritual Climate Survey (CRSCS). The survey, administered annually, measures the environment of a single campus, focusing on student experiences and the ways they perceive acceptance, inclusivity, or coercion on campus with particular attention to differences in worldview.

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Dr. Holly Masturzo is a writer, artist, educator and group facilitator.

Through Our Ellipses, Holly combines her academic training in creative writing, cultural theory and applied ethics with her nonprofit experience to create transformational learning experiences.

Working at the intersection of the arts, education and organizational leadership, she engages others to realize the connections between creativity, dialogue, personal development and community building.


Our Learning Partners


Our Ellipses engages all clients as valued learning partners.

Through our experiences creating commissioned programs and volunteer projects, we have benefited from living and learning alongside a diverse group of gifted mentors and passionate colleagues.

As such, we believe that it is responsible to design sustainable, cost-efficient projects and that it is wise practice to share revenue when possible with our network of global learning partners.

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