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Holly Masturzo
World Wisom Alliance Founding Member - click to visit website

OUR ELLIPSES acts to facilitate human emergence.
Through transcultural dialogue, deliberate inquiry, and integrated learning we help create meaningful change in individuals, small groups, organizations, and large-scale communities.
We focus on what is, what works, and what is possible.
Simultaneously conserving what is viable and liberating what is emerging, our projects support the progress of sustainable transformation.
Our Ellipses utilizes theories and practices of:
  appreciative inquiry
  The Art of Hosting
  circle practice / community building
  integral studies
  leadership development
  life coaching
  polarity management
  social artistry
  Spiral Dynamics integral
  strategic planning, and
  The World Cafe
OUR ELLIPSES projects and partnerships are green (eco-friendly) and practice the spirit of abundance by sharing revenue with designated learning partners.
Be the change - Graffiti on cemetery wall, city-center, Houston, Texas