Learning Services

Through Our Ellipses, Holly Masturzo works with individuals, small groups and organizations to create meaningful learning experiences.

Holly designs educational programs, interactive workshops, conversation circles and professional or personal development retreats specific to your needs and focused on your purpose.

These offerings are developed and facilitated in collaboration with you or a leadership team whenever possible. Naming the purpose for the program or event together is the first step in providing a potent learning space for growth and transformation.

Holly believes:

  • Learning is an experience we participate in with all our senses.
  • The creative process challenges us to discover new ways of thinking and being.
  • What remains unsaid is vital material for understanding ourselves and each other.
  • The arts and intercultural experiences can help reveal the wisdom within and around us.
  • We may open ourselves to learning in every relationship and any organizational system.

Examples of previous learning programs designed and facilitated by Holly include:

  • our_ellipses
  • our_ellipses

For Individuals

  • Guided journaling for breast cancer survivors in an arts-rich environment.
  • Environmental writing walks with urban youth.
  • our_ellipses
  • our_ellipses

For Small Groups

  • Diversity and intercultural training seminars for teachers.
  • Therapeutic art and writing activities for bereavement support groups.
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  • our_ellipses

For Organizations

  • Facilitated planning sessions in response to major institutional change.
  • Dynamic, participatory dialogue retreats to build organizational community.

Our Ellipses also is passionate about presenting the arts and diverse cultural experiences in accessible formats that engage the public, such as through the following learning programs:

  • Children’s self-portraits and poems presented to the public through an outdoor exhibit built in collaboration with college architecture students.
  • Temporary labyrinth created with visitors at a community festival.
  • Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos discussion series and art installation.
  • our_ellipses
  • our_ellipses
  • our_ellipses
  • our_ellipses

Our Ellipses programs and projects are supported on occasion by small grants. Some learning services may be provided at cost to nonprofit or educational organizations who share a commitment to learning and transformation.

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