June 1, 2015

Welcome to the New Our Ellipses

Our Ellipses began in 2006 with the purpose of connecting the inspirational experiences I was privileged to learn from and grow with in a variety of fields from art and writing to community development and organizational design.

IMG_0039Since 2006, I have moved from Texas to Florida, traveled several times to Europe and Canada and enjoyed meeting and working with a range of Learning Partners along the way.

While the programs and projects (and simple human conversations) have been wide-ranging, a common thread is the commitment of creative and courageous human beings to stay with what is difficult, to bring curiosity and openness to what challenges us in order to incrementally build knowing and resilient communities however small or however far flung.

Staying with what is difficult – or confusing, or complicated – means trusting longer, messier processes rather than taking comfort in short-term solutions. This is what leaders understand – yet it also is what artists and writers do, peering in to the shadows or listening through the noise with the purpose of creating something meaningful.

Meaningful learning cannot always be full of exhilarating sparks and transcendent flourishes. Often knowing when to bring an experiment to closure and how to meet disappointment as an important dimension of change is as nourishing a source of wisdom as any stirring insight.

As we develop individual capacities to listen in to what is not said, what is trying to be expressed and what is shouted over, we steadily work to change our world – not through dramatic transformation but through the quality of our human interaction. That can be challenging work, and perhaps work we are not able to engage with the same energy everyday. Yet sometimes when we come together to share that work, our mutual discovery offers as much beauty as power. These are good days.

I look forward to more of them – and invite you to connect with ideas or opportunities for shared learning.

In the meantime, please enjoy clicking around my new responsive website.


photo credit: Chihuly Collection, Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, Florida (June 2014), Holly Masturzo